Mikael Manukyan


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My name is Mikael (mee-ca-el) Manukyan. You can call me Michael or Misha (mee-sha) as all my friends call me. Examples: "Misha, let's discuss it.", "Misha, let's go to have a drink".

My social links to: GitHub mike1808 and Twitter @mmm1808

I am a Software Engineer with over 6 years of experience. I am curious to challenge myself in small and big ways - from participating in hackathons and playing with Arduino to switching from Web Development to a new eld. In the past, in a very short time, I was able to gain pro ciency in Machine Learning and secured a position of ML Engineer.

My colleagues describe me as attentive to details. I became a recognized leader in every team I worked. A big part of it is due to encouragement and mentorship I provided. I like sharing knowledge and I have experience teaching in universities and coding schools.

You can find my full resume here.